Less crazy.  More control.

There’s nothing quite like knowing your money stuff is sorted.

That, “yep, got it covered” feeling that lifts your chin a little, and helps you stand tall.

You make decisions with more confidence, and niggling doubts and worries start to disappear.

It’s like a sweet, sweet lullaby for sleeping well at night.


Less debt. More life.

But things like debt can drag you down; slow you down; feel heavy.

It’s the opposite of how you want to be – unburdened, self-assured, and calm.

Getting rid of debt faster, can make a big difference to your money situation and life trajectory.

And with that one simple thing, life starts to feel lighter and the future a little brighter.

Less obligations. More conscious choices.

What if I told you, you don’t need more money?

Because it’s not about how much you earn, rather what you do with what you earn, that matters.

What would you want more of, if money’s not ‘the thing’?

More time? More freedom? More giving? More peace? More control?


“Frankly, Melany saved my life. Not understanding my financial position caused me panic and anxiety.

Being fully assessed about my needs and goals gave me access to knowledge which in turn allows me to make decisions that suit me. I also have new insight about myself and how to manage my life.

Now I know what to do to be confident of a better future ... have a plan, stick to it and listen to The Financialist.”
— Donna / Marketing Manager / Canberra