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Hey, I'm Melany.

I help women and the people they care about, use money to find their own path.

That path might be a career in the city, running a home for their family, living a quieter life in the country, starting a business, travelling the world, volunteering or …

What about you? What’s your life like?

And what do you want it to be?



When it comes to money, I’ve always done things a bit differently.

When I was a uni student, I set myself a challenge to live on $100 / week. I figured, if I spent more, I had to work more. And I didn’t want to do that.

So, I taught myself how to make my money last.

I learned how to take control of my cash, rather than letting it control me.

The power of choice.

As an adult, my strategies changed a bit, but my mindset remained the same. I didn’t want money to rule my life.

So, I built a cottage in the country…as in I literally put the home together; hammered in nails, installed a kitchen and bathroom, painted walls and grew a veggie patch.

That approach saved me a ton of money. It was also a whole lot of fun.

That one big decision had a huge impact. It let me build a base and gave me a whole lot more choices.

I wasn’t held down by a huge mortgage. I could work less. I could start a business.

I could live life on my terms.

What do you want?

You probably don’t want to build your own cottage in the country, with a vintage kitchen and two fat cats lounging around.

That’s okay. But what DO you want?

When you really consider that question, and go deep into your desires, you might discover it looks pretty different to what your life is like right now.

So of course the next logical question is, 

“What are you going to do about it?”

Melany has managed to help us adjust our thoughts and understanding of our own finances and superannuation so that we are truly comfortable and confident in our current lifestyle but also in our future.

Melany has been caring and patient during the whole process, replying promptly and professionally to our many questions and concerns.

We have no hesitation in recommending The Financialist and wish we had found her sooner!”
— Trish + John // Seachangers // Gold Coast